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How do I set up an appointment with you?

You may email or text me directly at or 438-526-2128, or fill out my booking form on the Contact page.  To book a date, please send an introduction, as well as a preferred date, time, and duration along with the screening requirements listed below. Emails that are lewd and make you seem less than the respectful man you are simply will be ignored. Respect is a mutual experience.


Expectations upon arrival?


First and foremost, I expect you to be a gentleman in all our interactions – before, during, and after our time together.  I also expect mutual and impeccable self-care and hygiene (showered, groomed, fresh breath, etc.), allowing us to have as carefree and fun time as possible.


What are the acceptable procedures regarding the donation?

Please place the donation in plain sight in an unsealed envelope or, if we are meeting in public, in a gift bag or even better a book you enjoy, so that I may receive it immediately upon our meeting.  Let’s make this as smooth as possible for both of us, so as to avoid any awkwardness or having to make me ask for it.

What are the requirements for Out-Call dates?

For Out-call dates, I require a booking lasting a minimum of 90 minutes.  To ensure our mutual safety, comfort, and enjoyment, I require that our first-time meeting be in a four-star hotel.  I will visit a private residence if I have spent time with you before.

What services do you offer ?


I do not provide any “services”.  Rather, I provide an experience.  At this time, I offer only Girlfriend Experience (GFE).  Always bear in mind that anything that may, or may not, occur is between two consenting adults. It will be understood that anyone contacting me understands and accepts these terms. I reserve the right to decline appointments when I deem necessary.


How flexible are you with our date times?


I believe that we must both respect and acknowledge the importance of each other’s time.  As I make every effort to be punctual and ready to have the best possible experience together, I expect my date to reciprocate.  If you are late by more than 10 minutes to our date, that time will be deducted from our overall time together.  On the other hand, if you arrive early, I ask that, for the purpose of discretion, you wait in your car or at a nearby shop and not at my in-call location lobby.        

Do you accept outfit requests ?


I will gladly take requests for outfits that are either on my website or my twitter but they are never guaranteed. If you would like me to dress in something you don’t see on my website, you can send a giftcard or an etransfer to and I will happily purchase it for our date.

Do you see couples and female clients?

I am attracted to both men and women. I happily see female clients and love meeting with couples (for a little extra).

Are there any non-negotiables that I should be aware of in our arrangement?

If you ask for any service that puts my health or well-being at risk during our date, I will cancel our date immediately and no refund will be issued. You will be blacklisted.  I am a sensitive, caring individual with personal limits, needs, and boundaries, and I always expect them to be respected.

Can I post a review of my experience with you?

I do not mind reviews of our experience(s) together as long as they show respectful discretion and are tasteful.  If you write something that I feel is too detailed, invasive, or vulgar, I will not see you again. 

May I use you as a reference ?


Yes, if I have seen you in the last 6 months, you can use me as a reference. To avoid any confusion, please make sure to contact me before.

I request that you only use me as a reference for a maximum of two occasions.

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