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Virtual Girlfriend Experience

While it’s no substitute for the heat and passion that we would generate together in person, the Virtual Girlfriend Experience offers a creative substitute for those times when distance and conflicting schedules may necessitate us to be more creative.

$125 per day

(no pictures will be sent)
30 min…$100
One hour…$180

Sexting Premium
(pictures will be sent)
Thirty minutes…$200
One hour…$330

Custom Visuals
One picture…$30
Three pictures…$70
30-second video…$150
One-minute video…$280

Video Calls
15 minutes…$150

Virtual Girlfriend
One week…$800
Unlimited texting
Three sexting sessions
30-minute video date
Casual pics & nudes

Virtual Girlfriend Premium
One week…$1000
Unlimited texting
Unlimited sexting
30-minute video date
Casual pics & nudes

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